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020 3447 2800

1. Patient/ doctor calls ISEH Concussion Hot Line

  • Monday to Friday 8am–6pm 020 3447 2801 or 020 3447 2800 option 4
  • Staff take all details and pass details on to Case Managing SEM (CM-SEM)  

2. Telephone triage of patient by CM-SEM who provides their contact details and becomes key point of contact for patient and team doctor  

  • Complete assessment proforma:
    • Refer for new MRI scan and report or report of previous scan (after discussion with specialist and club)
    • Follow up appointment arranged with consultant secretary (after scan/reporting)

3. Patient attends for MRI scan at ISEH (3T MRI – brain trauma protocol and c-spine)

  • New or previous scan sent to specialist neuro-radiologist for reporting (within 24hrs) MRI staff to phone and advise of scan to be reported

4. Patient attends consultant appointment (either at ISEH or consultants usual rooms)  

5. Consultant provides full report (using proforma) including recommendations and treatment plan with input from CM SEM as required

Elite sport pathway

MDT team

Elite sport concussion MDT clinic at the ISEH