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ISEH Private Patient

"Absolutely brilliant! This is what private treatment should be like. I had first my appointment with the consultant, then MRI and follow-up review, all in the same day. Heaven!   

My consultant, was just fantastic. She gave me all the confidence in the world, and was simply amazing at a point where I was really quite low about my ankle injury. Thank you to all!"


Vivien McCaig, ISEH Patient

Following a ski injury 2 years ago, Vivien suffered from severe pain in both knees. The diagnoses was patellofemoral crepitus together with marked lateral patella tilt and fat pad impingement in both knees. Unfortunately the physio treatment that she sought was not successful and the pain continued. 

Vivien sought a second opinion from Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Professor Fares Haddad, who advised that surgery was not indicated and referred her  to  be seen at ISEH by Consultant Sports Physician Dr Kal Parmar. Luckily this referral was a turning point in Vivien’s treatment;  “I felt very comfortable with Dr Parmar who was able to explain the problem to me in detail. His reassurance that my injury could be treated after such a long time was a great relief”. 

Vivien underwent a course of Ostenil Plus and steroid injections into both knees.  These helped to a large extent, decreasing her pain by 70% and allowing active physiotherapy rehabilitation, also at ISEH,  to commence. “I felt very well looked after at ISEH” said Vivien, who was dreading the injections.  “I knew I was in the best hands and had great confidence in Dr Parmar ”


John Corroyer, ISEH Patient

John, who is semi-retired, damaged his knee while on holiday and was having problems sleeping due the pain he was experiencing. Even though he is very active and plays lots of golf he didn’t know the exact cause of his discomfort.

Upon returning to the U.K he visited the Urgent Care Centre at the Princess Grace Hospital, and was diagnosed a torn meniscus based on his symptoms. He was referred to Dr Ian McCurdie at the ISEH the next day and an MRI scan was scheduled before his appointment. 

John was self-funding and it was agreed that the scan should be postponed until after a few physiotherapy sessions to treat the meniscal tear. 

After several sessions with Terassa Kaveney, the resident physiotherapist at ISEH, John felt he was able to continue his exercises at home. With the application of strapping John was able to go back onto the golf course within four weeks. 

“My knee is still not 100% but attending my sessions with Terassa has taught me to have a greater understanding of my body.  I know how to hold my posture now and how to avoid further injury. Terassa has helped to teach me what I have been doing wrong and I will continue to attend sessions with her just to make sure I am on the right tracks. 

I have already recommended the ISEH to friends and colleagues and absolutely love coming here its superb 11/10.


Zach Fong, ISEH Patient

I started long distance running just over two years ago but my right knee started giving me some discomfort back in February 2014 after I ran a marathon. My GP referred me to a specialist when the pain got worse and through my medical insurance I got an appointment for the next day with Dr Kal Parmar at the ISEH. 

When I first walked into the unit it made me feel like a “real athlete” and as a whole is very impressive. Kal made me feel at ease immediately and was very easy to talk to. I liked his demeanour and after a thorough examination identified the problem, diagnosed me and arranged treatment. I didn’t need any other investigations. 

He was very experienced and was able to relate me in a way which helped me trust in him from the outset. Even though I carried on running throughout treatment I’m in great shape now thanks to Kal and I would go and see him or any future issues if I still lived in the country.  I couldn’t recommend him and ISEH enough.