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Terassa Taylor Kaveney, Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the ISEH is travelling to Peong Chang in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics in her role as team leader and physiotherapist for British figure skating team. 

Terassa has been working with British Ice Skating team since 2011 and since 2014 closely with Penny Coombes and Nicholas Buckland the two times previous Olympians.

In 2016 Penny sustained a career threatening injury, fracturing her patella into more than 8 pieces. She underwent surgery with Professor Fares Haddad and after intensive rehab with Terassa she returned, with her partner, to the competition circuit for the season 2017-18. The pair qualified for their Olympic spot at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September.

Throughout 2017 Terassa has travelled almost monthly to the US to oversee Penny’s rehabilitation and guide her return to international competition. She oversees the team’s strength and condition programmes and ensures that there are no physical limitations to their performance. As well as the traditional physio activities, Terassa’s role has been known to include seamstress, best friend and general gopher.

Before the Olympics, Penny and Nick completed in Russia at the European Championships and following the Olympics, their season will end with the World Championships in Milan.

They are hoping for medals in all 3 of these major event. Terassa will be working alongside them at every stage, taking a sabbatical from her role at the ISEH to travel to the Olympics with Team GB.

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