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The ISEH offers a unique physiotherapist-led cycle clinic and bike-fitting service to patients who are looking to optimise their riding position, increase performance, manage injury and address cycling-related conditions.

Bicycles are adjustable while people are adaptable and our bike-fitting service centres around the client and their individual needs. A full history is taken and physical screening performed to expertly assess any musculoskeletal conditions that may be present. Your current position and riding technique is then assessed riding your own bike on a turbo trainer with video analysis and feedback and appropriate adjustments can then be made to achieve the ideal position at that point in time depending on your goals and physical condition.

Suitable exercise-based programmes can also be discussed and rehabilitation needs addressed as there may be factors like strength and flexibility which need to be improved in order to be optimal on the bike. Typically clients will undergo subsequent bike-fits as their bodies adapt and change to maintain the synergy between rider and bicycle.

Focal to any effective bike-fit is the optimisation of the foot-pedal interface and we can also undertake cleat fittings and adjustments such as wedging and leg-length correction.

Unique to the ISEH is our direct access to leading Sports Medicine, Podiatric and Orthopaedic Consultants along with a full imaging suit should onward referral or further investigations be required.

Clinics are undertaken by Senior Physiotherapist Michael Crebbin who has over eleven years clinical experience and is a trained bike-fitter and active club cyclist. Michael worked within all the cycling disciplines at the London 2012 Olympics and treats riders from all disciplines from elite track riders to city commuters. He has featured in numerous cycling guides and magazines and is passionate about keeping clients on their bikes. 

For more information or to make a booking please contact or call 0203 447 2801.