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Rick Miller

Clinical and Sports Dietitian, Private appointments: 020 3447 2800

Professional Biography

Rick Miller is the Clinical and Sports Dietitian at the ISEH. Following completion of his Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in 2008 and his Dietetic training in 2010, Rick has progressed through several prominent clinical posts within the NHS. Covering multiple specialities including bariatrics and obesity management, diabetes care, nutrition support and artificial feeding, gastroenterology and recovery from surgery. As an expert Dietitian, Rick is able to diagnose, treat and support the recovery from any medical condition where nutrition has been shown to play a role.

During this time in the NHS he has maintained his passion for sports nutrition by providing expert dietary support to several professional athletes and teams, including boxing, taekwondo, karate, ballet, professional jockeys, bodybuilding, golf, athletics, triathlon and ultra endurance running. He has supported individual athletes and teams at the 2012, 2016 Olympic Games, The first European Olympic Games in 2015 and the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017.

Rick is able to support any sports discipline in periodised nutrition strategies, however, his specialities in Sports Dietetics lie in aesthetic sports, weight category sports, paralympic and disability sports.

As a passionate public speaker, he has fulfilled several posts as a full time and guest Lecturer in Sports Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics at Hull York Medical School, Loughborough University and London Metropolitan University. Furthermore, as a previous lead in Dietetic Research at London Metropolitan University, Rick is also a published research scientist and is in the process of completing his Postdoctorate in Dietetics.

Rick is a competitive martial artist and holds DAN grade in Shotokan Karate. He is also a keen golfer, gymnast and participates in CrossFit.

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