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The Institute fo Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) hosts an exciting UCL iBSc programme in Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences, where students learn from renowned experts working in elite sport and academia.

The aim of the iBSc programme is to give third year medical students a practical insight into the importance and applicability of exercise for both athletic and clinical populations, including an understanding of sports medicine, sports injuries and exercise medicine. The programme covers the scientific basis, evidence and practical skills in exercise prescription and promotion for chronic disease prevention and management.


Students learn about the principles of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, covering relevant anatomy and physiology, aetiology and mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment, also receiving practical training in clinical examination of the musculoskeletal system and biomechanical assessment. They also learn about exercise physiology, the applicability of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in athletic and clinical populations, and the implementation of exercise programmes and behavioural change for the prevention and management of disease.

As part of their course, students receive first hand experience in the research process, including ethics, data protection, methods design and statistical analysis by conducting their own research study, which they are encouraged to present for publication in medical conferences and scientific journals.

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