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Exploring how the menstrual cycle influences orthopaedic sports injuries among female athletes.

Esteemed Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians, including ISEH Clinical Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Fares Haddad, have published research investigating the complex interplay between the menstrual cycle and orthopaedic sports injuries in pre-menopausal female athletes.


New study reveals small changes in daily activity dramatically Improves heart health

Led by ISEH’s Dr Jo Blodgett, and published in the European Heart Journal, this comprehensive research explores the connection between different movement patterns across a 24-hour day and its influence on cardiovascular health.


New research that aimed to unpick the relationship between adiposity and grip strength

Muscle weakness is a public health challenge especially among older adults and n the coming decades it will become an even greater concern because the global population is ageing. ISEH’s Dr Tom Norris has led and published new research that aimed to unpick the relationship between adiposity and grip strength.


New study examining the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function in mid-adulthood

The study, led by Dr Tom Norris used data from over 8,000 participants in the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study, found that higher cardiorespiratory fitness at 45 years was associated with higher cognitive function at 50 years - however, this association disappeared when sociodemographic and behavioural factors were accounted for.


A virtual focus group study examining resistance training at the point of retirement revealed promising insights and challenges

Muscle strength naturally declines at older ages – estimates suggest we lose 50% of our muscle strength between the ages of 25 and 85 and whilst we cannot completely reverse or stop this decline, we can delay and/or slow down the speed at which we lose strength.


Concussion symptoms that you may not be aware of

Dr Theo Farley, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at ISEH with expertise in concussions, offers valuable insights into this head injury, sharing some things you may not be aware of to enhance public awareness.


Rotator cuff injury tips and advice to reduce injury risk

It’s important that cricketers pay attention to their shoulder health, incorporate proper training, conditioning, injury prevention measures and stretching routines, and seek medical attention if they experience persistent pain or discomfort in the shoulder area. ISEH’s Ben Ashworth, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist share helpful advice regarding Rotator cuff injuries.


Exercising in hot weather - what a Consultant Physician in Sports Medicine wants you to know

The ISEH’s Professor Courtney Kipps, Consultant Physician in Sport and Exercise Medicine at UCLH and co-lead of UCL’s MSc programme in Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health, shares helpful advice and tips surrounding exercising in warm weather, the effects of heat on the body and insight about water consumption.


New research project focused on female footballers is underway at ISEH

A new research project funded by FIFA and led by a team of esteemed researchers from the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) is currently underway, focusing on female footballers. The study aims to identify neurocognitive determinants of injury risk and understand the impact of headers on brain health.


Volunteers required to undergo a series of strength and movements tests to help inform protocols for those with Osteoarthritis

Volunteers will be required to attend a 1-hour appointment with a qualified physiotherapist where you will be asked some questions to evaluate how you feel during everyday tasks before undergoing some assessment tests.


Promising new research suggests short bursts of daily activity is linked to reduced cancer risk

Researchers including the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health and UCL’s led by Professor Mark Hamer and Dr. Jo Blodgett have conducted a study indicating that incorporating just 4.5 minutes of vigorous physical activity into daily tasks may lead to a potential reduction of risk of certain cancers.


New consensus statement for management of concussion in sport

Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Professor Mike Loosemore MBE and Dr Michael Turner have helped establish consensus surrounding concussion in sport, resulting in a comprehensive new consensus statement.