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Impact report highlighting NCSEM's achievements since 2012

This report highlights the significant positive impact the NCSEM has had on the health and well-being of communities nationwide over the past 12 years, including various projects and research conducted at the ISEH.


Over 300 runners joined us in Regent’s Park for our annual ISEH Run

In attendance were families, colleagues and people from our community who took on the 10k, 5k and 2.5k route in one of London’s most beautiful Royal Parks.


UCL ranked one in Europe and two in the world for Sports Medicine

This recognition is based on research performance in Sports Medicine, taking into account the number of citations and academic papers published. This ranking was determined by 25.4 million citations from 1.1 million academic papers across 2,413 universities globally.


New comprehensive testing and training framework for baseball pitchers

This new guideline encompasses the rationale, methodologies and practical training recommendations together in one place.


A new systematic review looking at Perimenopausal physical activity and the risk of dementia

Dr Flaminia Ronca, Associate Professor at ISEH and UCL, collaborated with Dr Niall Simmons and Dr Miguel Rodriguez Ruiz to conduct a systematic review analysing the relationship between perimenopausal physical activity and dementia risk, aiming to gain crucial insights.


ISEH runners can access F45 to support with training

We've teamed up with F45 Tottenham Court Road to offer runners a complimentary 7-day pass to access their state-of-the-art training facility, helping runners to be fully prepared for the day’s event.


Hiring a dedicated Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant to join our facility

The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) is looking for a dedicated physician to join as a Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant part time. The role involves providing proactive and reactive medical care focusing on injury prevention, diagnosis, and management.


Mr Mark Phillips Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon joins the ISEH

Mr Phillips brings a wealth of expertise to our facility, particularly in trauma surgery, elbow conditions, and complex injury surgery. Additionally, he has specific expertise in hand and wrist surgery and provides patient-centred care, tailored to the individual needs of those under his care.


New research reveals that incorporating the Active Movement Programme, a health intervention was successful in effectively reducing obesity

ISEH’s Professor Mike Loosemore and Dr Flaminia Ronca have published research after implementing the Active Movement Programme, a health intervention targeted at reducing obesity in school children developed by Peter Savage.


Dr Snehal Pinto Pereira awarded £1.8m to fund vital research to benefit public health

Her primary objective is to comprehend methods for optimising and sustaining physical fitness levels within the broader population, aiming for longevity, while recognising the significance of physical fitness in disease prevention, as well as in preserving mobility and independence.


ISEH FREE Sport and Exercise Medicine Annual Virtual Conference series

We have a line up of incredible speakers working at the forefront of Sport and exercise medicine in the UK who will be leading the talks. With vast expertise managing elite athletes, the athletic community and the general population for sports related injuries and complaints, this conference is not to be missed.


Learn about our achievements from the last 12 months - ISEH Annual Report 2023

As we embrace the new year, we're proud to share the ISEH Annual Report, highlighting the outstanding efforts over the past 12 months of our colleagues and the excellent collaboration with our partners in delivering world class Sport and Exercise Medicine clinical services, teaching and research.