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The MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health based at the ISEH is designed to give clinicians and practitioners a deeper understanding of sports medicine, sports injuries and exercise medicine. The programme covers the evidence-based management of sports medicine and musculoskeletal injuries, and emphasises the vital role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. This will prepare students for potential work in many areas from elite sports medicine to NHS sports and musculoskeletal clinics and exercise medicine services.


The MSc programme places a strong emphasis on improving health through exercise alongside the management of sports and musculoskeletal injury. Teaching is delivered through a combination of lectures, practical sessions delivered by lecturers who are highly experienced in their field. Students further benefit from attendance at numerous specialist clinics and opportunities for field visits to sports teams and events. Up to date, evidence based practice is emphasised throughout and students' contribution through discussion is considered key. The MSc can be taken via campus-based or distance learning. 

This programme will provide a good scientific foundation for those more academically motivated and who might want to proceed on to study for an MD or PhD.

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