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How much water should we be drinking?

As guidelines about water intake doesn’t consider peoples different activity levels, body sizes or requirements, Professor Kipps shares expertise and advice.


Exercise-induced rhinitis explained

Let's talk exercise-induced rhinitis...


Dr Sarah Davies talks about how exercise can give you a better night’s sleep

Dr Sarah Davies shares her expertise and experience into the impact of exercise on sleep.


Dr Sarah Davies spoke to the Telegraph on the topic of exercise when working from home

ISEH Dr Sarah Davies spoke to The Telegraph today to share advice for people to be aware of regarding working from home and shares the importance of moving between positions.


Advice on how to exercise safely during a heatwave with ISEH Professor Mathew Wilson

ISEH Professor Mathew Wilson spoke to Stylist to share expertise and advice on how to exercise safely during a heatwave.


Tips for training when injured

ISEH Consultants in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Dr Amal Hassan and Dr Bevin McCartan spoke to Women’s Fitness on how to continue training through an injury.


Professor Guido Pieles calls for mandatory CPR training in the workplace

ISEH's Professor Guido Pieles spoke to iNews about the ISEH's new mobile cardiac laboratory launched in a drive to protect the cardiovascular health of the nation’s elite athletes & called for mandatory CPR training in the workplace.


A guide to cycling

ISEH's Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Leanne Simoncelli spoke to Health & Wellbeing magazine and shared her insight into the health benefits of cycling,


The fragile mind

ISEH's Consultant Neurologist Dr Richard Sylvester and Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine Professor Mike Loosemore provided expert commentary to Men’s Health on the topic of sport and concussion.


Run for it

ISEH Physiotherapist Fergus Morrison spoke to Health & Wellbeing and shared his guidance and advice for anyone who is starting out with running.


At home training tips for avoiding injury

ISEH's Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine Dr Richard Seah spoke to weekly woman’s lifestyle magazine, Woman and provided expert commentary in their article ‘At-home training tips for avoiding injury’.


Which sports are the worst for your health?

ISEH's Consultant Sports Physician Dr Lorenzo Masci provided expert commentary to health website, Patient sharing his insight into the types of sports which more often lead to injuries.