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The modern golf swing

Dr Hawkes spoke to Bunkered magazine about the new X-Factor golf swing which could be causing back injuries.


Rugby and concussion

ISEH consultant Dr Kal Parmar spoke to Talking Rugby Union about managing concussion related injuries, precautions to manage injuries and the future of dealing with concussions.


Best fitness supplements

ISEH Clinical and Sports Dietitian Rick Miller spoke to T3 about the best fitness supplements. In the piece Rick runs through Branched Chain Amino Acids, Creatine and vitamins and minerals.


BBC Get Inspired: Is boxing or MMA safe for children?

ISEH consultant Dr Mike Loosemore spoke to BBC Sport on the risk of head injury in boxing, how being involved in boxing can change later life and the use of headguards.


Let's talk about fibre

ISEH Clinical and Sports Dietitian Rick Miller spoke to Health and Wellbeing magazine about fibre explaining what fibre is, why we need fibre and on how much we should be eating.


Return to play

Very few people who play sport can escape injury and our aim as medical professionals is to ensure that these are properly diagnosed, treated and advice given on when it is safe to return to full activity.


The role of pedometers in getting more active

ISEH consultant Dr Mike Loosemore spoke to The Telegraph about the benefits of pedometer's, the importance of the number steps, pedometer accuracy and the case against them.


High blood pressure - how often should you exercise to lower hypertension risk?

ISEH consultant Dr Mike Loosemore spoke to the Daily Express about high blood pressure and how often you should exercise to lower hypertension risk.


Concussion in Sport: A medical Perspective

ISEH Clinical Director Prof Fares Haddad, ISEH consultant Dr Ade Ade Adejuwon and Dr Akbar de Medici give their medical perspective on concussion in sport which featured in Nursing in Practice.


Why are there so many injuries at the Rugby World Cup?

ISEH consultant Dr Rick Seah spoke to BBC Newsround about the reasons for so many injuries during the Rugby World Cup.


Luke Shaw injury: how long will Manchester United defender be out?

ISEH consultant Dr Kal Parmar spoke to The Guardian about the injury Manchester United's Luke Shaw suffered on Tuesday night against PSV Eindhoven.


Healthy for Men Magazine

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup the ISEH features in the September addition of Healthy for Men magazine in a feature on rugby fitness and training with England Rugby star Tom Youngs.