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Nabeela Arbee - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Nabeela graduated with a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South...

Kári Árnason - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Kári Árnason is a physiotherapist from Iceland, born and raised in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

Sophia Ayranova - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Sophia Ayranova is a rehabilitation specialist who works for the Ministry of Defence, and as a gym instructor.

Mr Charles Ballet - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Charles Ballet is a Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who was born in Paris, before arriving in London to pursue...

Theoharis Constantinou - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Theoharis Constantinou is currently studying for the UCL MSc in Performing Arts Medicine, which is run in collaboration with...

Dr Farrah Jawad - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Dr Farrah Jawad is a registrar in Sport and Exercise Medicine, currently working at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and...

Dr Chris Jones - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Dr Chris Jones is a GP with a special interest in sports and exercise medicine.

Dr Aya Kanazuka - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Aya is a Japanese orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hand surgery.

Karolin Krell - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Karolin Krell is a qualified Osteopath and Physiotherapist working in private practise in London and lectures at the...

Sophie Lane - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Sophie is a Specialist Performing Arts and Sport Physiotherapist based on Harley Street and Marylebone, London.

Lazarus Nono - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Since graduating as an Osteopath in 1997, Lazarus has worked in a number of different practices.

Mikel Perry - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Mikel Perry is a strength and conditioning coach currently working with a group of sprinters at West London Track and Field...

Emily Prior-Willeard - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Emily Prior-Willeard is a Masters student on the Performing Arts Medicine programme (2015-17), with a first class honours...

John Reilly - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

John Reilly is a qualified physiotherapist, one of two currently on the MSc course.

Emily Ross - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Emily Ross is currently a 27 year old Specialist MSK Physiotherapist.

Leanne Simoncelli - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Leanne Simoncelli has recently completed the MSc Sports Medicine and Exercise Health course, finishing in two years on a...

Lindsay Wallace - Performing Arts Medicine MSc -

Lindsay Wallace is currently undertaking the MSc in Performing Arts Medicine at the ISEH.

Trina Wong - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Trina Wong graduated with BSc (Hons) Podiatry, UK and is a Senior Podiatrist at one of Singapore’s largest acute tertiary...

Edbert Wreksoatmodjo - Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc -

Edbert Wreksoatmodjo is a trained doctor who graduated from Medical School in Indonesia in 2012.