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Much of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) clinical work focuses on improving performance and outcomes from training or injury. Until now, many injury interventions (whether drug-related or surgical) have lacked a strong evidence base to support their use. We are addressing these issues in whole humans for example, through our National Tendonopathy Centre.

Our 'basic science' research is led largely led by Professors Monty Mythen, Hugh Montgomery, Mike Grocott and Dr Dan Martin. Whilst diverse, the teams have a strong interest in the response to low oxygen (hypoxia) and also how muscle growth is regulated.

This work is based in the field (for instance, on Mount Everest) and in the lab (where low oxygen levels of the high mountains can be simulated). It uses diverse tools from magnetic heart scans (MRI/spectroscopy), to study of muscle samples of genes and their regulation (genetics and epigenetics) and more. This work is truely translational, from bench (or mountain) to bedside. Flagship projects based at the ISEH include Xtreme Everest and the Discovery Lab.

For further details on our Basic Science research please contact Professor Monty