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The Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environment (CASE) Medicine is a group of clinicians and scientists with specialist interests and training in medicine and physiology of extreme environments.

They conduct research, teach courses and offer advice in the areas of space, aviation, high altitude, remote, dive and hyperbaric medicine. Central to their work is the concept that the study of human systems stretched to breaking point in extreme environments can increase our understanding of critically ill patients.

Their current research is focused on applied human physiology and gene environment interactions. The centre piece of this research so far has been the work of Xtreme Everest.

CASE Medicine is located within the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) which is located in Central London.

The Director of CASE Medicine is Dr Daniel Martin, who along with Associate Director Dr Kevin Fong, runs the UCL undergraduate BSc Space Medicine and Extreme Environment Physiology module. This popular course that many CASE Medicine and Xtreme Everest members teach on has been running for 15 years and remains one of the most popular and oversubscribed courses in the Physiology department.

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