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A core area of research for the ISEH is based around musculoskeletal injuries – as these are highly relevant to sport, exercise and general health. Our work in these areas aims to help both the general population and elite sportspeople. 

The areas of research include; 

• Lower limb related pathology – under the direction of Professor Fares Haddad, who’s clinical research team are involved in a range of diverse topics from sports injuries, joint replacement and preservation and surgical rehabilitation

• We have created a National Tendinopathy Centre for multicentre collaboration and help determine the ideal patient pathway for treatment of this poorly understood condition

• With input from various department at UCL we have also created unique applications of our research knowledge. One such example is our sports analytics groups which taps into the expertise of our colleagues in computer science to develop machine learning systems to predict and better understand the impact of injury in elite sports

Our ultimate aim being to translate the knowledge gained from our research work to public health benefits.