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Dr Michael Turner

Medical Director and CEO, ICHIRF, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, UCL

Professional Biography

Dr Michael Turner is Medical Director and CEO of The International Concussion and Head Injury Research Foundation (ICHIRF) and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at University College London (UCL).

His former substantive posts include - Chief Medical Adviser (CMA) to the Lawn Tennis Association (1994-2017), CMA to British Horseracing (1992-2013), CMA to the British Ski and Snowboard Federation (1975-2000) and membership of the Medical Committees of FIS, the ITF and European Horseracing.

He was a member of the WADA TUE Expert Group (2014-2018), Deputy Director and Director of Medical Services at the British Olympic Association (1989-1994) and Team GB Medical Officer at the Calgary 1988, Albertville 1992 and Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympic Games.

He is a co-author of the Concussion in Sport Consensus Statements from Zurich 2012 and Berlin 2016, and on the expert panel for Paris 2021. His main areas of interest include safety in high risk sports, protective equipment in sport, child protection, concussion and anti-doping.