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Dr Angela McNelly
MA (Cantab), PhD, MSc

Research Associate

Professional Biography

Dr Angela McNelly is a Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance based at the ISEH. She is also a Honorary Research Associate at UCLH and the Whittington Hospital where she coordinates a multicentre study investigating the use of intermittent nasogastric feeding in the critically ill and has a New Investigator award from the Intensive Care Society.

Her current research interests include the development of strategies to reduce muscle wasting and loss of physical function in different patient populations, especially the critically ill.

She gained a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and her PhD in Cellular Chemotherapy from the University of London. A post-doctoral project studying T-cell function in Multiple Sclerosis in the UCL Departments of Immunology and Neurochemistry followed, and after spending time abroad and working in medical publishing, Angela returned to UCL in 2010 to develop her ongoing interest in the contribution of physical activity to health.