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Snehal Pinto Pereira

Associate Professor in Population Health and Applied Statistics

Professional Biography

Dr Snehal Pinto Pereira is a Associate Professor in Population Health and Applied Statistics.

She is a statistical epidemiologist by training and currently holds an MRC Career Development Award. Prior to this, at the UCL Institute of Child Health, she examined lifetime influences on adiposity and physical activity trajectories, health consequences of these trajectories and, long-term effects of early-life adversity.

Snehal has a BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Sciences, MSc in Medical Statistics and PhD in Epidemiology.

Dr Snehal Pinto Pereira, Associate Professor in Population Health and Applied Statistics has three broad and complementary research remits that address public health needs with demonstrable impact on national policy and practice. First, she is an MRC funded researcher leading on work on obesity, physical activity strength and ageing. Second, she leads and contributes substantially to several projects trying to understand how specific child maltreatments are related, via certain pathways, to outcomes in adulthood. Third, she is heavily involved in the nationally funded Children & young people with Long Covid (CLoCk) study which aims to describe the clinical phenotype and prevalence of post-COVID symptoms in children and young people. Her approach is underpinned by a strong methodological foundation that aims to make the best use of existing data resources. Her activities, achievements and expertise have been recognised through grant funding, prestigious panel memberships and by providing evidence for SAGE during the COVID pandemic.

She has co-authored four reports for the UK Government Department of Health and Social Care and her work has been cited by both governmental and charity organisations (e.g. NIHR’s review Moving Matters, 2019).

She is committed to knowledge transfer and passionate about widely disseminating her findings, regularly publishing blogposts and podcasts discussing her work.


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