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Dr Tom Norris


Professional Biography

Dr Tom Norris is an Epidemiologist whose research fits under the umbrella of life course epidemiology. His background is in Human Biology and he has acquired substantial training in Epidemiology during several postdoctoral positions. His research is predominantly based on utilising serial data collected from birth cohort studies, predominantly based in the UK.

Since Dr Tom Norris started at ISEH in August 2021, he has been exploring how adiposity is related to several facets of healthy ageing, e.g., physical & cognitive function and muscular strength, as well as describing trajectories of strength in later-life. These studies have been based on data collected in large population cohort studies (e.g., the British birth cohorts, UK Biobank) and have employed a range of advanced methodologies aimed at elucidating causal effects (e.g., Mendelian randomization).