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Dr Tom Gurney

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences - Year 1 Academic Lead

Professional Biography

Dr Tom Gurney is a lecturer at The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (UCL) and holds the role of Year 1 academic lead for Sport & Exercise Medical Sciences. Additionally, he is the module lead for Exercise Physiology and Sport & Exercise Performance Optimisation across BSc, MSc, and iBSc cohorts. His primary research interests revolve around supplementation for both health and exercise performance.

Before his current position, Tom gained experience at Fulham Football Club, initially as a Performance Analyst within the academy and later with the 1st team. Notably, he played a role in Fulham's 2019/2020 promotion campaign to the Premier League. With over 5 years of experience in Higher Education, Tom actively participates in widening access activities within the field of medical sciences.