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The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health will soon be welcoming health professionals virtually to our FREE two-day ISEH Sport and Exercise Medicine Annual Virtual Conference series, taking place on Monday 29th, and Tuesday 30th January 2024, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

On Monday, 29 January, Prof. Mat Wilson will be chairing the session on 'Optimising Brain Health in Contact Sports Athletes,' featuring three outstanding speakers at the forefront of brain injury:

•    Associate Prof Richard Sylvester: discussing ‘Latest approach to diagnosing and managing sports concussion.’
•    Prof. David Sharp: Exploring ‘How can blood tests or advanced imaging help to diagnose TBI acutely’
•    Dr Neil Graham: sharing expertise about ‘How is concussion related to dementia; clinical approach to diagnosis and uncertainties.

On Tuesday, 30 January, Prof. Fares Haddad will be chairing the session ‘Hip and groin pain in the athletic population’ with specialists who possess vast expertise in managing elite athletes, the athletic community, and the general population for hip and groin concerns and complaints. 

The Day 2 speakers are:

•    Dr Moira McCormack: addressing ‘Hip and Groin Pain in the Dancer’
•    Dr Ricci Plastow: discussing ‘Groin injuries and groin avulsions/sportsman’s groin’
•    Mr Alastair Dick: presenting on ‘Hip Impingement – presentation and management’
•    Mr Jonathan Hutt: Hip instability – presentation and management’
•    Mr Ahmed Magan: sharing insights on ‘Sport and exercise after arthroplasty’
The talks will conclude with a live Q&A session. This conference series provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge in these critical areas of concern.

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